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Gardening For Many Reasons!

August 23, 2020

Danny Kessler is a gardener.  I think of him as a Master Gardener but he told me that no, he is not a master gardener, that he just loves to garden.  He has a profound effect on his environment because he works very hard to have a light carbon footprint and part of how he does this is through his gardening!  He has a beautiful home garden in Los Angeles California.  Danny is also a Macrobiotic Counselor which gives him a special relationship with vegetables from seed to digestion.  In this episode we talk about many of the reasons that families should garden together.  He gives spiritual reasons like, patience, responsibility, endurance, kindness, fun and more. He also focuses on the educational reasons to start a garden, history, science, math, botany and a few other subjects.  Join us and listen to this inspiring episode where I learned so much from him and I even find out about beneficial  nematodes!  Enjoy.  
You can reach Danny at:  danny39@pacbell.net


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