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March 27, 2020
Martin and Carolyn Forte, founders of Excellence in Education, (EIE), the largest homeschool book store and resource center in California, are true pioneers of homeschooling. Carolyn was a classroom teacher for 5 years, which convinced her to homeschool her own children. The Forte girls have grown into successful parents and professionals in their own right. Mom, Carolyn, has developed a complete curriculum using games as the medium of study. She is a philosophical well-spring, with new thoughts and observations at least weekly! If you live in Southern California, visit their store in Monrovia, just off the 10 Freeway and spend a few hours!
Ph: (626) 821-0025
E-mail Martin at: martyforte@gmail.com
E-mail Carolyn at: carolynmforte@icloud.com
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